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Hard bump on anal area

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are a familiar disorder, and usually not a serious one. The word comes from hemo blood plus rrhoos flowing or discharging , and indeed the first symptom of hemorrhoids is usually a spot or streak of bright red blood on toilet paper or in the stool after a bowel movement. The tissue of the anus and rectum is a cushion of blood vessels, connective tissue, and muscle. A hemorrhoid is an inflammation or enlargement of the veins in this tissue, caused by excess pressure in the anal or abdominal area. Most people can tell if they have external hemorrhoids.
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Do I Have an Anal Pimple, Abscess, Hemorrhoids, or Something Else?

Hard bump on anal area
Hard bump on anal area
Hard bump on anal area
Hard bump on anal area
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Hard Anus: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Bumps or lumps around, inside or near the buttcan be embarrassing. The bumps can appear like small, white, hard or red painful itchy pimples. While some bumps on buttare painless, they could be caused by a number of conditions ranging from common and benign like hemorrhoids to more uncommon and serious like anal cancer. Learn more on how to get rid of lumps on butt. Lumps on inside, near or around the buttis a really embarrassing condition to live with. It is even discomforting when the bumps are itchy and painful.
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Worried about a lump on your anus?

Skip to content. Most lumps and swellings under the skin are harmless and can be left alone. However, see your GP if you develop a new lump or swelling so that the cause can be identified. You should see your GP if you develop any growth or swelling on your body. They can examine it and confirm what it is and what's causing it.
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The anus is an opening in the lower part of the digestive tract. When stool fills the rectum, the sphincter muscle relaxes, letting stool pass through the anus and out of the body. The external anal sphincter closes off the anus when stool has passed. Lumps that form around the anus — for a variety of reasons — can cause it to feel hard.
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